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Noble Laurel essential oil, extracted from Laurus nobilis, is a purifying essence with multiple uses. It is popular in skin and hair care, and also finds its place in oral care. In addition, it is known for its soothing properties in cases of joint discomfort. It is also known to promote concentration and strengthen self-confidence.


• 100% Noble Laurel essential oil.

Form and Presentation

• 10 ml dropper bottle.

Usage tips

  • Skin Application : Dilute Noble Laurel essential oil to 20% in a vegetable oil before applying to the skin (i.e. 20% essential oil with 80% vegetable oil).
  • Skin and Hair Care : Add a few drops to your usual cream or shampoo to benefit from its purifying benefits.
  • Oral Care : Add a drop to your toothpaste for complete oral care.
  • Benefits

  • Purifying for Skin and Hair: It is effective in skin and hair care due to its purifying properties.
  • Soothing for Joints: It provides a soothing sensation in cases of joint discomfort.
  • Promotes Concentration and Self-Confidence: It is known to stimulate concentration and strengthen self-confidence.

Precautions for Use

  • Do not use in babies, except in diffusion.
  • Do not use in its pure state.
  • Keep out of reach of children. • Avoid contact with the eyes.


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