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  • HYDRASOIN EVEXIA is a diaper cream specially formulated for babies' delicate skin. Packaged in a 50 ml tube, this dermatological cream creates a protective barrier against irritation linked to humidity and diaper friction.


  • Each 100g of cream contains: Aqua, zinc oxide, potassium cetyl phosphate, cetyl stearyl alcohol, C12-15 alkyl benzoate, caprylic/capric triglyceride, propylene glycol, mineral oil, petroleum jelly, polydimethysiloxane, glyceryl stearate, PEG -30, dipolyhydroxystearate, olea europea oil, glycerin, Provitamin B5, Allantoin, Chamomile extract, Parfum, Methyl Chlorisothyazolinone, Methylisothyazolinone, benzyl alcohol.

Form and Presentation

  • HYDRASOIN EVEXIA is presented in the form of a dermal cream, packaged in a 50 ml tube.


  • To preserve your baby's skin, apply HYDRASOIN EVEXIA in a thick layer after each change, on dry, clean skin.

Key Ingredients and Their Benefits

Zinc oxide :

    • Creates a protective barrier between baby's bottom and the diaper, preventing skin irritation caused by humidity and friction.
    • Provitamin B5 (Panthenol):
    • Has soothing and restorative properties for the skin. It helps maintain skin hydration, promotes cell regeneration and helps soothe irritation.
    • Olive oil (Olea europea):
    • Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, it nourishes and protects the skin. It also helps soothe skin irritations.
    • Chamomile extract:
    • Known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile extract helps calm skin irritation and redness.
    • Allantoin:
    • Promotes cell regeneration and soothes skin irritations. It also helps maintain the softness of the skin.
    • Methyl Chlorisothyazolinone and Methylisothyazolinone:
    • Preservative agents which help preserve the quality and effectiveness of the product.
    • Benzyl alcohol:
    • Used as a preservative and for its antibacterial properties.

These ingredients have been rigorously selected to guarantee optimal tolerance and perfect respect for babies' fragile skin. They work together to prevent and reduce skin irritations linked to humidity and diaper friction, ensuring the comfort and well-being of your baby.


Precautions for Use

  • External use only. Avoid contact with eyes, face and mucous membranes.



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