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Boost length pack

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Length Boost Pack


Optimize your bone health and well-being with our Length Boost Pack, including two boxes of each product: EVEXIA COD LIVER OIL® and EVEXIA® CALCIUM.


Derived from carefully cooked and crushed cod livers, cod liver oil is a nutritional treasure. It is exceptionally rich in vitamin D, vitamin A and omega-3, essential fatty acids beneficial for the proper functioning of our body. This oil, concentrated in vitamin D, is known to promote normal bone growth and support brain and cognitive functions. In addition to being a valuable source of vitamin A&D and omega-3, EVEXIA COD LIVER OIL® ideally complements a balanced diet.

Directions for use: Ideal for promoting bone growth and maintaining brain and cognitive functions. Avoid if allergic or hypersensitive to food additives. Do not replace a varied and balanced diet. Not recommended for pregnant women and during breastfeeding.


CALCIUM EVEXIA® is a food supplement based on calcium expressed as calcium carbonate. Calcium is an essential element for the body, mainly involved in the formation and strength of bones, as well as in the formation of teeth. It is also crucial for muscle contraction, nerve transmission, blood clotting and hormone release. Ensuring a sufficient quantity of calcium on a permanent basis is essential. Taking CALCIUM EVEXIA® can help maintain adequate calcium stores.

Directions for use: Recommended to fight osteoporosis, strengthen bones and teeth, and relieve premenstrual symptoms.

Boost your vitality

Boost your vitality These two high-quality food supplements form the Length Boost Pack, a precious ally for your bone health, your vitality and your daily well-being. Opt for the beneficial synergy of EVEXIA COD LIVER OIL® and EVEXIA® CALCIUM and provide your body with the essential nutrients necessary to fully reach your potential.


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